Volume Shadow Copy Error 0x8004231f - insufficient storage

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Applies To

BackupAssist v3 and later


The backup could not take place because of a VSS error. This error is reported by the Windows Operating System, and is not a BackupAssist error.

VSS is turned on when you choose to backup using the VSS open file manager, or whenever you are backing up the System State.


Microsoft CSS has suggested a sequence of steps to try to resolve the issue, and BackupAssist users have reported to us some success.

The relevant reply has been reproduced below, in case the above page gets removed in the future.

Inn Jin [MSFT]

01-04-07, 09:57 PM
Hi Dave,

Thank you for posting.

From the description, I understand this issue is that you cannot complete
backup and receive "0x8004231f" error. If I am off base, please don't
hesitate to let me know.

The error code 0x8004231f indicates VSS_E_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE. I suspect
that the issue is related to the following factors:

- The free space on the related partition.
- The maximum size of the Volume Shadow Copy.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that we check the above first.

I. Please check you have enough space in your backup media.

II. To check the maximum size of the Volume Shadow Copy:

1. Right click the partition to be backed up and choose Properties.

2. On the Shadow Copies tab, click the Settings button.

3. Change the maximum size to a larger one.

Please check if the problem has been resolved.

If issue persists, please help to gather the following information.

1. What brand and model is your backup media?

2. VSS debug log
Refer to the following KB to enable VSS debug log. Reproduce the problem
and then save and send the trace file to me.

887013 How to enable the Volume Shadow Copy service's debug tracing
features in Microsoft Windows Server 2003

3. Download and run the setup MPS report tool on the SBS 2003 server.

a. Visit
15706/MPSRPT_SETUPPerf.exe to download the file.

b. Run the MPSRPT_SETUPPerf.exe on the server box.

c. Wait for 10~15 minutes.

d. Open Windows explorer, navigate to

e. Send the .cab file directly to me at v-innjin@microsoft.com

I appreciate your time. I am happy to be of assistance to you and look
forward to your reply.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Inn Jin (MSFT)

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BA925 Volume Shadow Copy Error 0x8004231f - insufficient storage